The solution to rape

The best way to solve the problem of rape is the following: when a woman accuses a man of rape, both are beheaded with a sharp sword. After all, if a woman is REALLY raped, her life is over anyway. Prison rape is dealt with in the same way. Gang rape means that all the accused are killed. As my religion promises female martyrs sexual relations with God himself, female hypergamy will ensure victory over competing religions.

8 thoughts on “The solution to rape

  1. Harsh! But I think you might be right, if we take things like personal honor and virginity seriously. Certainly it will stop all of the false accustations.

    1. Even without those values. Without personal honor and virginity rape is still serious abuse, like a beating or mutilation. If sluts are serious about not liking rape, they will prefer euthanasia if it means they can take revenge on their rapist. Feminists protesting this will have to face the conclusion that in that case, rape is less serious than murder. Others protesting the possible death penalty for innocent men will have to face the conclusion that the life of an innocent man is worth more than the prevention of rape. That too, would destroy many law systems, both secular and religious.

  2. The best way to deal with a problem is to know its root cause, hence if it is drugs let’s fight their use.

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