Da yoos

The Jew prides himself in his mighty Mossad, his planes, his nukes, his submarines. Yet he is the laughing stock of the Middle-East. Sexually, Israel is already defeated. The Israeli girl is fucked by the Palestinian, while the Israeli cannot fuck the Palestinian girl. This means the Jew is a man without sexual honor, a dayoos. The Jew says he believes in the Talmud, in the Halacha. The Jew says Jewishness is determined by the mother. So why are foreign workers forced to sign a contract not to fuck Jewish women? Why is it wrong for a Jewish woman to use Gentile sperm? After all, the result would be a Jew. Deep in his heart, and even deeper in his ballsack, the Jew knows that the Talmud is a filthy lie. The Jew places his dick above the Talmud. He knows spilling the seed is a serious sin, yet he fucks the Russian prostitute instead of having sex with Palestinian harem slaves in order to produce more sons. He knows his Talmud requires him to kill the women that tempt him, yet fucks the non-Jewish woman, the shiksa. He converted the evil beast to Judaism, and had children with her, and now his daughter is a blond slut that fucks the Palestinian Nazi. The Jew destroyed both his Yikhus and his Talmud with his dick. In the moral sense, he is not better than the Palestinian who fucks his daughter. But the Palestinian is more strong, more virile.

The Jew prides himself in his victories over Christianity. But in one sense, the Christians defeated the Jew. They made him monogamous. A sexual Christian, a Jesus, a Roman. His mother is a hairdresser. His daughter is a hairdresser, the sexual plaything of the Palestinian. By giving up his polygamy, he lost his virility, leading directly to his daughter being fucked by the Palestinian without him being able to do anything about it.

As we saw, the Jew places his dick above the Talmud. So all Jews who died at the hands of the Inquisition, the Holocaust, the Pogroms, they died in vain. Hitler was the moral victor of World War II. This also means the Jew is a bleeding idiot to waste any shekels to the parasites that call themselves Haredim, Ultra-Orthodox Jews. After all, their only value is the study of the Talmud. Of what value is the Talmud if you place your dick above it?

Let us not talk about Liberal Judaism. All commandments have been thrown away except one. Male circumcision. Why? To discourage male converts. Without male circumcision, everybody would line up to convert. After all, Liberal Judaism is where the wealth and power lies. But the Liberal Jew doesn’t want converts fucking Liberal Jewish women. That is why. He has the values of the mawali system, of the dhimmi system. But in this very same value system, he is defeated by the Muslim, by the Palestinian. A moral cretin, and a moral cretin that doesn’t get laid. The worst of both worlds.

So Jew, do you really think you can escape Hell if you destroy the world by your Samson option? You must be pretty sure of the non-existence of any Creator to do that. If there is no Creator, why do you oppose euthanasia? In any sound moral logic, euthanasia is vastly superior to abortion. Yet, due to the Jewish spiritual culture, only weird little countries like the Netherlands and Belgium have euthanasia, while only weird little countries like Ireland and Poland have no abortion. Abortion means low birthrates. No euthanasia means the elderly will become an insurmountable problem. Worse, no euthanasia means any idiot can defeat you by mutilation. The Soviet-Union had abortion. They were outbreeded by their own Muslims. The Soviet-Union didn’t have euthanasia, so every soldier feared the cruel mutilations of the Afghans. The only thing the Afghans had to do was to mutilate the Soviet soldier, and mutilate him well. No escape by euthanasia. The Soviets were too soft, to civilized, to return the mutilations. The war in Afghanistan was won by mutilation.

Why do you think about the Samson Option? You will be destroyed anyway if you don’t give up your silly Liberal Jewish values. Outbreeded by the Palestinians, or outbreeded by the Parasites. No escape.

Admit that the “God” of Abraham was a bad copy, a caricature of the Aryan Sky Father, Dyaus Pter. Jew, you were willing to bow your knee to the whore Mary, in order to escape the fire of the Inquisition. Why not bow to the Pagan Gods of Europe? Why not bow to me and my God?

10 thoughts on “Da yoos

  1. This is good stuff Columnist. It’s a dance on the edge of psychosis, much like my own blog. But your psychosis is such mighty mojo it needs it’s own blog. It cannot be contained in mere comments.

    I saw that chasing you off my comments brought about a flood of posts here. That’s a good thing.

  2. Hey, I was the commenter on your comments from the Ragnarok comment section. I was curious to hear about what actual physical realm effects that sexual lusting after mestizas and black women (what you called sax magick) have. Not talking about metaphysics but what actual practical (if any) benefits does it accrue to you. I hope my question is clear.

    1. Your question is very clear. Your very concept of actual practical benefits presupposes a materialist view of the universe. In the materialist universe, you have autosomal DNA, and Y-chromosome. Preservation of your Y-chromosome requires different values from those necessary to preserve your autosomal DNA. If a Jew or Arab converts a White woman to Judaism or Islam, his Y-chromosome is preserved, while the autosomal gene pool of the Jewish/Arab people is polluted with White genes; if the process repeats a few times, the Jew or Arab slowly becomes a White man with the wrong Y-chromosome. His daughter will be blond and blue eyed. The same we see in America with Mexicans and Afro-Americans. They seduce and culturally assimilate White women. Slowly, the African-American becomes Whiter and Whiter (autosomal DNA), but his Y-chromosome stays African. You get people with blond hair, blue eyes and Affirmative Action. So Cultural “Marxism” doesn’t exterminate the autosomal DNA of the White race at all. It just destroys the Y-chromosome of the White man. If autosomal DNA is everything to you, the irony of White Nationalism is that the White race will be best preserved in the harems of Saudi-Arabia. Oil sheiks will be men with Swedish mothers. Sons of Swedish mothers will rule the earth with iron fist. However, this results in total sexual castration of the White man. Your balls or your Nordic race. That is the question.
      If we reverse the values of Cultural “Marxism” we get the opposite phenomena. The Viking enters Al-Andalus. He kills the Moor, and takes his daughters. The sons of the Yarl, the Viking chieftain, will be dark-haired. In the end, this will result in a Black Heimdall. What do you think of that movie? Is the movie the ultimate humiliation of Odin at the hands of Yahweh, or his ultimate victory over Yahweh? Is Odin weak, or can Paganism be changed by him, as Paganism isn’t Monotheism. Monotheism is unchangeable. The irony of Cultural “Marxism” is that the autosomal DNA of the Jew and Arab is best preserved, and saved from self-destruction from wars in the Middle-East, if the Jew and the Arab give up their gods and their daughters to the White man. Both deals are deals with the Devil.
      In the actual physical realm the White man is weak, very weak. The Jews and the Arabs have unlimited wealth by oil and usury, and use this wealth to buy very fine weapons, as well as your daughters. So why are you worshipping the actual physical realm? Atheism is a mind poison devised by the Jew to sap the spiritual strength of the White race.

      1. This is a lot to digest. What do you make of the conquistadors and their lusting after the Indian’s woman? What, if any, positive results do you see in that? Is it similar to what you speak of?

        1. Well, it did spread their Y-chromosome, and some White DNA, as well as the Spanish language. At least the Spanish did not kill the Indian women and children, like the English did. Indian tribes had the habit of assimilating captured enemy women and children, which is now seen as giving them the moral highground. If you have the habit of completely exterminating enemy people, then resistance will be more fierce. Actually, if sons of Spanish men and Indian women were given full Spanish status, their descendants would be lot less frustrated. Muslims complain that the Crusaders killed their women and children. During Khaybar, Muhammad killed only the Jewish men, but enslaved the Jewish women and children. Most Jews consider the Holocaust far worse than Khaybar. If one side enslaves women and children, and the other one kills them, who will be considered morally superior? How do you think Whites should take revenge for non-Whites enslaving White women?

  3. Prophet Oogenhand,

    I liked the idea of following both strategies in different lands. Hypothetically: If the Alt Right Forces could ever come to gain great state power they could turn Europe into National White Ethnostates. Each nation-state could be reserved for a particular ethny thus protecting the White Autosomal DNA. Perhaps some overseas White countries could be “Whitemanistan” White Ethnostates where all Aryans of any ethnicity or mixture could reside and thus protect the Autosomal DNA.

    However, perhaps some countries could be transformed into multiracial fascist states (I call this integralism after the attempted Brazilian fascism of the 1930s) where a radical negative eugenic policy could be implemented to raise the IQ of the population and allow it to remain/become a 1st World Country. This would also allow the various mixed people who are worthwhile a place to be. Example: I used to know a super fucking hot 10/10 American woman who was 3/4 Aryan and 1/4 Cherokee (noticeable in her face had she not told me). Would White Nationalists let this woman into their ethnostate? Surely she was worth more then being cast out with the brown hordes. Would White Nationalists refuse to have her in their ethnostate after they saw her ass? (LOL) Likewise, there are decent pro-white Asians of various types (Asian in the continental sense) as well as the very rare but existing intelligent and pro-White NAMs. Shouldn’t such people have a place to go. This is what I mean as an Aryan version of takkun olam.

    The system I propose would allow peaceful movement of non-hostile people. A German/Italian mixed couple could be resettled (and financially compensated) in a “Whitemanistan” White Ethnostate in order to keep Germany German and Italy Italian. A Frenchman who wanted to harem with nonwhite as well as white women could resettle in a pro-white Integralist multicultural nation. My only concern would be if we ever had the power to do something like this would WN types be open to it or would they refuse to be friendly to non-whites and race mixers regardless of their intentions. Of course, I think all these societies and even the current West should use microSort and practice polygamy. 🙂 Glory be to the Prophet.

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