Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross. But he didn’t defeat Iblis. Jesus isn’t Allah, so Satan isn’t Iblis. Iblis defeated Jesus at the Cross. Iblis allowed Jesus to rise from the grave for the very same reason Jesus would allow the Beast to heal from its head wound. Satan, however, is an important Prophet of Iblis. Lovecraft sort of pointed this out. Nyarlathotep is the Messenger of Azatoth, the Daemon Sultan. A Dutch sorceror will defeat the Mad Arab.

4 thoughts on “Iblis

  1. Sounds interesting. I see you promoting this idea alot. I wish you luck; are you telling the non-whites these things as well.

  2. I placed pieces of my religion at

    By the way, what to do to people who are an exception to the general behavior of their group? For instance, most Black people in America side with Obama and his Islamization, but Alan West is a very notable exception. Lawrence Auster is also a very interesting case. Lawrence Auster seems to think Black people are about as bad as Muslims, never mind that Blacks are a race, and Muslims are a religion. But Alan West is Black, and just as anti-Muslim as Lawrence Auster. How to handle these contradictions?
    I am also strongly tempted to let religion trump race. Although in general, Arabs are superior to Europeans in Islam, a European Muslim trumps an Arab Christian. In my religion, that would mean that an Arab convert to Iblisism would be allowed sex with an non-Iblisite European woman.

  3. I really really like european women mainly because they are mild mannered and they are also very very beautiful. My girlfriend is a european woman and i can never ask for more. she is really my dream lady.:,“,

    1. Your point being? I consider it far more important to have access to e.g. North-African women, than to shield European women from you. I have dark hair and dark eyes. When I wear a beard, people start talking Arabic to me. So Middle-Eastern women are actually my natural partners.

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