Welfare: bleeding the beast

The success of my ideas concerning welfare and taxes inspired me to repost some things. The “free market” is increasingly used to clamp down on ideological dissidents.


Some employers and colleges are asking to have access to the Facebook pages of job applicants and student athletes, according to a report on Tuesday.

MSNBC’s Red Tape Chronicles blog said job applicants at the Maryland Department of Corrections have been asked to log into their accounts so that interviewers could see their wall posts, friends, photos and anything else they may have behind the social network’s privacy wall.

The American Civil Liberties Union complained when the department asked applicants to surrender their user name and password, so now the request is that they log in “voluntarily” during the job interview.

The blog also reported that student-athletes at colleges around the country are being asked to “friend” a school official, giving them access to posts meant for friends only.

Note the power of the employer. Everything on the free market is “voluntary”. That is why people with “wrong” thoughts should agitate for strong welfare, ideally a guaranteed minimum income.
Yes, your enemies will benefit too, but their rich allies will be hurt a lot. You do not have rich allies.

The Right condones tax fraud, but opposes welfare fraud. The Left condones welfare fraud, but opposes tax fraud. The System opposes both. Enemies of the System should condone both.


3 thoughts on “Welfare: bleeding the beast

  1. That’s the thing about the US. The appearance of freedom is very necessary. It’s part of the national DNA.

    Of course, when one wants a job, the employer holds all the cards. Unless one is a projected minority, you can’t fight back properly. So, they play their game, we play ours.

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