8 thoughts on “Weak heel of White Nationalism: young marriage

    1. Of course, we are talking about a white man, or otherwise it wouldn’t be a puzzle to WNs. Nice to see, however, that you adhere to a dual morality (white vs non-white)! More on that later.

  1. I cannot speak for WN’s because I don’t profess to be one, however, I know they also publicly whip people and even execute them (if it is a second or more re-offence) in Saudi-Arabia for everyday, social norms (in Western society) such as drinking alcohol or even ‘blasphemy’ or wearing ‘inappropriate’ attire…

    1. Blasphemy means immediate execution. I am very well aware how Saudi-Arabia works. That is the trick. WNs profess to be opposed to Islam, especially extreme Islam. Side note: doesn’t it surprise you that it is very easy to get dirt on Saudi-Arabia?

  2. I’m not opposed to a double standard. If the rumors are true, in the old days they would make the man marry the girl, like a shotgun marraige.

    I’m happy with that solution but would have to consult the men of WN. In a way, that would be a stronger marriage than any other arrangement today.

  3. Strange. So many knowledgeable people. And nobody understands the origins of the laws. That they made sense 2000 years ago, with no birth control, no abortion, no DNA test, no social security, no money to lock up a man for 30 years, etc.

    The only guarantee to be the father of the offspring was to marry a virgin. Or to lock her up for 9 months before having sex with her.

    And a pregnant woman, what was her option? Get a man to take care of her child. So which man should she get? The father of her child, who else?

    The only problem of religion is that it never got updated in 2000 years

    I enjoyed the links you guys posted. Interesting.

    1. But those social conditions are still in force in much of the planet. And if it is up to Santorum, also the USA. Why oh why are American elections always between Torquemada and Trotsky?

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