Wo shi Helanren

Nimen shi meiguoren ma?

(I am Dutch, are y’all American?)

Chinese is a very powerful nation. Therefor learning their language is a must.

wo shi             I am

ni shi               you are

ta shi               he is

women shi    we are

nimen shi      y’all are

tamen shi      they are

Helan              the Netherlands

Meiguo          the USA

ren                  person

However, maybe they don’t like us to learn Chinese. Quote:

To learn a language means that you must speak and listen, ask questions and understand replies. The Chinese actually conspire to keep non-Chinese people from learning their language. They do this by never speaking Chinese to you. Here in the USA, if you ask a Chinese a question or speak to them in Chinese, they answer in English.

I have been studying Mandarin for many years and this is invariably the case. They do not want anyone speaking their language because you will be able to listen in on their conversations. But if you will notice any Chinese sitting near you in restaurants or coffee shops or offices, they are always listening in on our conversations. They are actually spies.

Chinese are among the most racist people on earth. If you are not Chinese, they want nothing or little to do with you unless they see a way of profiting in some way from the association…..

….So as not to be falsely accused of white racism, the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia of a few years ago is a good modern example. After 400 years living in Indonesia, the Chinese never became Indonesians. They lived in their Chinatowns, wrote in Chinese characters, sent their children to Chinese schools, had their own markets and businesses and took over the business monpolies of Indonesia so much so that the Indonesians found themselves working for the Chinese.

Today, it is against Indonesian law to write business signs in any language other than Indonesian, to send their children to Chinese schools, or to own more than a minor part of any business, and many other restrictions upon the Chinese living in Indonesia….

…..The many Chinese that I know who are from Mainland China, usually are fluent in Russian and/or Japanese as well as English. The modern Chinese want to learn foreign languages but they don’t want foreigners to learn Chinese. It is a part of their secret military assault upon the West … subversion first, attack and conquest second.

And maybe for good reason:



“Pangang Group employees, in asking me to provide DuPont trade secrets to them, overtly appealed to my Chinese ethnicity and asked me to work for the good of the PRC,” longtime DuPont engineer Tze Chao said in a plea agreement signed this month, referring to the People’s Republic of China. Chao, 77, is the first of five people charged in the deepening case to plead guilty. He worked at DuPont from 1966 to 2002.

Yet, the Mandarins do force their language on the Cantonese. Do the Mandarins trust the Cantonese?

It might backfire on the Chinese. There are many Chinese languages, mutually unintelligible. So if all Chinese speak English, but the Mandarins don’t know Cantonese and Amoy, and the Cantonese and Amoy speak Mandarin badly, sooner or later English will be their common language, or Esperanto…



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