MRAs vs WNs: Pedophilia

If there is one thing MRAs and WNs can disagree on, it is pedophilia.

Second only to prison inmates, WNs consider pedophilia the apex of Judeo-Muslim depravity. Maybe WNs think it is a way to get at Jews and Muslims without mentioning them, this despite the fact that child molesters that make it into the papers look invariably White.

MRAs on the other hand, are somewhat more nuanced, and strictly distinguish between parthenophilia, sexual attraction to teenage females, and toddler-bonking.

To people who think there is any escape anywhere on this planet from the sexual trade union, think again.

And to make clear – when I say escape, I don’t mean to a country where you go thinking you can ‘have sex with minors’. I mean where you can, for example, pick up a young woman in a nightclub who has told you she is of legal age, or pay for sex with a prostitute who appears to be 18, and not find out the next day that she wasn’t, and that you’re now facing years of rape and beatings in jail as a paedophile child rapist….or the firing squad.

The age of consent in China is currently 14. Now that the sexual trade union in China has began stirring up paedohysteria, we can expect that to be raised quite soon. Feminists there are pushing for ‘sex with minors’ to be defined as child rape, as it is now in many European countries (thanks to the lobbying of the radical feminst fake child protection group the NSPCC). It is child rape, no matter how willing or however many orgasms the girl may or may not have had during the ‘rape’. And child rape carries the death penalty in China.

I am very aware of prison vigilantism, and its obsession with nonces. Thinking through the implications of internal prison relations is very relevant to people considering things that could get you into prison. One way to remain unharmed is to start your career killing a sex offender.

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