Gays vs Muslims: Alfred Vierling

Ironically, all over the West gays are beaten up by Muslims. Pim Fortuyn built his career on this tension. But actually thirty years ago, there was a gay man who became politically active because of Muslim harassment. Meet Alfred Vierling (from Wikipedia):

Drs.Alfred Vierling (born 3 July 1949, Voorburg) is a Dutchpolitician, who was active in the ’80s in the nationalistCentre Party for which he won 135.000 votes[1] during the European elections in 1984 and Centre Democrats and who in the ’90s co-founded the Dutch Block. In 1990 he was elected in the city council of Schiedam and since then he is active for several eurocentrist i.e. a European identity advocating groups, has written articles for various magazines and websites and has made a video interview series with notable eurocentrist luminaries, including David Duke,[2]Horst Mahler and Guillaume Faye as well as maintaining his own website.[3]

Alfred Vierling has long been an environmentalist as well as an animal protector. He is co-founder of the Foundation Reinwater (to protect the river Rhine), the European Environmental Bureau in Brussels and was president of the Ecological Movement in the Netherlands.

He has been scientific collaborator at Leiden University (International Environmental Law), the Free University of Amsterdam (Nuclear Strategies) and UNISA, University of Pretoria (Asian Studies). Also he has been Secretary of the Dutch Inter-Ministerial Commission for Migrants from Suriname and the Dutch Antilles before he became active in the anti-immigration Centre Party/Centre Democrats.

On 12 October 1999 he submitted a complaint against 3 members of the Dutch government regarding war crimes committed by it within the framework of NATO bombings on Yugoslavia at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. In the Juli-September 2010 issue no 4 of Ab Aeterno (Journal of the Academy of Social & Political Research) Vierling published an article about The Netherlands in world context entitled The Netherlands, a Failed State in a Failed Continent.[4]


He started to learn Chinese in high school, is now learning Russian, but he cannot bring himself to learning Arabic or another language from the same culture.

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